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This is my 1st project on CodePlex.
I could not find a true Office 2007 ribbon control freely published anywhere, so I decided to create my own. If others like the Ribbon look as much as I do, them I'm sure others will be use of this as well.

I've created this as a drop-in UserControl in VB.Net, simply add this single usercontrol file to your project and you are ready to go.

It still needs a bit of work to if you add or improve on it, please share those changes with everyone.

Some of the features so far:
-Add Tabs, Groups, Buttons, Button Menus
-Graphics on the buttons and menu items
-Fade effect on Groups and Buttons
-Now have the ability to clear the entire ribbon. Useful when updating your ribbon.

The Groups fade in/out just like Office 2007 (using alpha blending of two picture.images)

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